DeLonghi EC702 15 Bar Pump Espresso Maker Review

This is a review for the DeLonghi EC702 15 Bar Pump Espresso Machine, which is one of the most popular semi-automatic espresso machines on the market. So I thought i’d take a look at it and compare it to some of the other semi-auto machines i’ve already looked at such as the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine. Now the comparison is not really a fair one since the Gaggia is twice the price, but it’s the nearest priced semi-auto espresso machine that I also happen to know inside out because I own one. The main differences are seldom espresso quality between machines, but more quality of parts and functionality.

Yes you can easily make quality espresso with the DeLonghi EC702 espresso maker, it all hinders on the expertise of the person making the drink, as well as quality of your beans. So if you’re new to making espressos then I also suggest you read my how to make perfect espresso at home guide.

Before we get down to business, you should see the machine we’re talking about right here at its lowest price!

What is the DeLonghi EC702 15 Bar Pump Espresso Maker and how does it work?

The DeLonghi EC702 is a semi-automatic espresso machine, designed in Italy and manufactured in Italy which ensures its quality. It is one of DeLonghi’s most popular machines and possibly the most popular semi-auto espresso machine in this price range. It is an entry level machine, for those who are just getting interested in being home baristas, however many aficionados also swear by the DeLonghi EC702.

It works by placing espresso grounds into the portafilter and fixing it into the group head. One touch of the button will send water by means of the 15 bars of pressure (the optimum amount for espresso) through the filter and into your cup. The DeLonghi also accepts pods as well for those who fancy a change or have not progressed to grinding their own beans yet.

There are a few more things to it of course and I shall go into each of the machines features below:

DeLonghi EC702 Portafilter

The portafilter is of a good and sturdy design, it is also a nice heavy weight. It has a dual function filter holder, which basically means that there is an attachment that you place in the filter so that it can accommodate pods. When you remove the attachment then you can use grounds. Nice and easy!

You get a tamper with the machine, which is located on the underside of the front panel in a fixed position. Yes it works but my preference has always been to have a proper tamper that you can hold in your hand and apply the proper 30 pounds of pressure. So that is what I have been using, a proper tamper. I have read however that several people have detached the fixed tamper and have used that which is a very good idea.

DeLonghi EC702 Cappuccino Frother

Now the DeLonghi EC702 espresso maker uses a dual boiler system. This is always an advantage on semi-auto espresso machines because it means that you don’t have to wait for the boiler to reheat between frothing your milk and brewing the espresso. Trust me on this one, there are many espresso machines out there, even ones that cost hundreds of dollars extra that don’t have this feature. With the EC702, you’ll be able to froth your milk and brew your espresso simultaneously.

There have been a few reviewers on Amazon that have actually marked this machine down because apparently you can only froth for cappuccino and not for lattes. Well hello…guess what, lattes don’t use froth. Lattes are simply made with hot milk. To make a latte you simply aim your frother or steamer in this instance nearer the bottom of your milk jug so you’re not frothing anything. For cappuccino then raise it higher so you get bubbles.

Some people have also marked the machine down because there is not much clearance between the steamer nozzle and the surface. Yes this is true, and if you have an especially large milk jug then this may cause a problem for you. The solution is to use a smaller milk jug, or situate your DeLonghi EC702 so the steamer side is off the edge of your counter.

The frother or steamer works perfectly well, i’ve never had any problems with it that could not easily be solved.

DeLonghi EC702 Cup Warmer

This is a great feature to have and is something that yet again even the best Italian espresso machines don’t always have. As you can see in the picture above, the top of the machine doubles up as a cup warmer. All you do is place your espresso cups upside down on top of the machine. Why is it important to have warm cups? Because the amount of liquid generated for espresso is so small, that when it hits the cold cup, it can have a dramatic effect on temperature immediately which also impairs flavor. Now, it takes around 15 minutes for the cups to reach a nice warm temperature, but this is also the amount of time you should leave the machine after turning on to allow for the boiler to heat up sufficiently. The top of the machine just so happens to be a nice decorative place to store your cups too. I really can not fault this feature, it really works.

Cleaning The DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker

You must clean the machine frequently, you get a bottle of descaler with it. If you use filtered water to make your espressos which is something I always recommend then not only will your espressos taste better but the machine will not pick up limescale as fast either.

After every use of the frother you should fire some hot water through it to clean the tubes. Cleaning the surface is simple and just requires a mop down. It has a drip tray which is easily removed for emptying and cleaning. Every now and then you may want to take a hand held vacuum to work on the group head to clean out any rogue grounds or you could use a brush to brush them out also.

When you’re using the machine for the first time, it’s always recommended that you send hot water through it a few times to wash away the plastic taste. Be warned also about your first few espressos as they are not going to taste great, so i’d just throw them away.

That really is all the main points about the DoLonghi EC702 15 Bar Pump Espresso Maker! The build is mainly of plastic which various people have complained about on Amazon. They say that because it is made from mainly plastic that the build is inferior. Well don’t forget that this is an entry level machine, probably the best entry level machine there is in fact and if it was made from all steel parts then they’d be complaining that the machine cost too much money. In practice, the only down side to the machine being made from plastic is that it is quite light. This means you need to use two hands to secure the portafilter into the group head, not a real problem.

What Others Are Saying About The DeLonghi EC702?

The machine has received an average of 3.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon by people that have actually bought the machine. As mentioned above, many people have either unfairly or even stupidly marked the machine down due to their own incompetence. There have also been many people who have rated the machine 1 or 2 stars due to late deliveries or parts arriving faulty. Again, I don’t feel this is actually to the detriment of the Delonghi EC702. Here are some of the positive comments to date:

- Brews excellent espresso with abundant crema, dual thermostats for brewing and steaming, two different sizes of filter holders, one of them allows you to use E.S.E. pods, good frothing, cup warmer, attractive look all at a good price.

- It DOES produce a FABULOUS Espresso shot, Cappuccino, Latte’s, it tastes MUCH better than Starbucks to me and it only took me two attempts to get my technique down to where it’s NOT a problem.

- So far, this has been a terrific espresso maker. The best of 3 or 4 I’ve had over many years. Very well designed.

- I’ve had this machine for over a year, and use it every day. Yes, you do have to take it apart once a year or so to clean it really well, but the maintenance is worth it because the machine is a workhorse.

- I bought it for my son and have one ourselves, great machine, just make sure you buy good coffee and grind it for espresso and not for a drip machine. By the way, the machine is MADE IN ITALY, not in China.

Where Can You Purchase The DeLonghi EC702 15 Bar Pump Espresso Maker?

The answer is many places. You can get it from WholeLatteLove for $199.95. However this is the place i’ve found to be consistently the cheapest! You can also take advantage of used and refurbished machines to bring your price down lower still, not to mention free shipping. I hope you enjoy your espressos!

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DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 Espresso Machine Review

Carrying on my search for the perfect automatic espresso machine for the home, my search brought me to the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 Espresso Machine. Having already reviewed the Gaggia 90951 Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Machine which is in a similar price bracket, I thought i would be able to give a decent comparison of the two machines.

Expensive automatic espresso machines are fully capable of making quality espressos at the touch of a button, however you’ll always want to make sure you have quality beans. Without quality beans then it won’t matter how great your machine is, you simply can’t make great salad with rotten vegetables.

Yes, the best automatic machines are expensive, but depending on how often you use the machine, you’ll recoup your money from not having to visit Starbucks ever again. The cost per drink averages at around $0.20 compared to anywhere between $0.50 – $0.80 for a pod or capsule based semi-automatic machine. You also have the touch button convenience and low amount of cleaning which makes using almost any automatic espresso machine a total breeze. However, how will the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 match up to scrutiny from a guy who knows what he’s talking, or writing about. Carry on reading for my full DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 Espresso Machine Review.

Before we go on however, why not check out the product here to get a full view of it in all its glory!

What is the DeLonghi 3500 Magnifica and how does it work?

It’s a top of the line automatic espresso machine for the home, it is designed in Italy but built in China. It has a built in burr grinder, which it should do for this price. So purchasing this machine will save you $500 on having to buy a decent grinder yourself. To work the machine, all you need to do is place your high quality beans in the bean hopper, ensure the water is topped up preferably with filtered water, then you need to adjust your preferences. You get to choose between the amount of drink you get and the strength which is determined by how much beans are used. Then it’s simply one button and the drink is made within about 30 seconds. The machine is very loud, as many have pointed out, but remember that it’s grinding coffee which is a loud business.

There is a little more to it of course, and i’ll go into each of the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500′s features, with a critical eye below:

Range of Drinks

There will be many who are solely interested in having espresso, in which case you won’t need to use the attached frother. The frother allows you to make lattes and cappuccinos with ease. The ability to make the extra drinks on the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 is easier and more convenient than on the Gaggia 90951 which has a milk island. The problem with the milk island is that it is detached from the machine, is messy and provides inconsistent results. The DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 clearly doesn’t have this problem as the frother is built in. It also has its own boiler, which makes two boilers in total. This is advantages because it means you don’t have a long wait between the milk heating up and the espresso being made for a latte.

Digital Programming

You use the buttons to set your strength which is determined by the amount of coffee the machine grinds and the amount of drink you will be served. You set the grind coarseness via a dial in the bean hopper, so this is separate to the control panel. The control panel also tells you when the machine needs cleaning and you use the buttons to send it through its internal cleaning cycle.

Built in Burr Grinder

This is really important, otherwise you’d be forking out a lot of extra money for one of these. Having said that, there is an extra bypass compartment where you can use grounds should you happen to have them, or if you want to use decaffeinated. You can adjust the grind coarseness via a dial on the inside of the bean flap. The further the setting to the left then the finer the beans will be ground down. This slows down the brewing process and ensures you have a stronger espresso with a thicker crema. Send the dial over to the right and your grind becomes a little more coarse which is used for a longer or weaker espresso.

Cup Warmer

This is a very important feature, especially if you’re drinking espressos. The tiny amount of liquid you get with and espresso can easily lose much of its heat the second it hits a cold cup. This can greatly impair the taste which is why I always recommend heating your cups with boiling water before you brew espressos. Thankfully, the top of the machines doubles up as a warming plate which saves you a job.

Attached Milk Container

This container slides on and off, so you can store it along with your milk in the fridge when you’re not using the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of the machines problems come into play as a lot of people have mentioned that the container is a little tricky to slide in and out of position. Let me say that if you’re using this machine simply for espresso then this will be irrelevant to you. There has also been mention of the o-rings which connect the two breaking. I’ll also say that these o-rings need an annual replacement anyway, which will be most of the maintenance you’ll ever need.

The container, as stated before has its own boiler which is a great idea. The heated or steamed milk depending on your drink comes straight from the milk container. You’ll want to ensure you turn the hot water dispenser knob to clean the tubes after every single use. This should be a regular part of your cleaning routine. Doing this will ensure better longevity as well as a higher drink quality.

There is also a steamer attachment that comes with the machine, should you happen to want boiled water.

60 oz Water Reservoir

This part is fairly simple to understand. I’ll just point out that you need to ensure its topped up before making a drink. Otherwise the machine will stop halfway through the process and it can’t restart after topping up, but will instead start again from scratch. This will be a waste of coffee grounds.


Cleaning is very easy as most of it is done via the buttons on the machine. There is a light that comes on when it needs decalcifying, however you would probably need to descale more often than when it suggests to maintain quality. As long as you’re using filtered water, you’re not going to get limescale buildups as fast anyway. Remember to clean the milk tubes after every use, this takes about 5 seconds. Other than that, i would give the machine a thorough clean two or three times a year. You should use a dustbuster to vacuum out stray grounds and get a little brush to clean everything away from the brew group. Nice and easy cleaning!

I’ll also say that you get a DVD with the machine to take you through everything, but operating the system really is very simple.

What others are saying about the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 Espresso Machine?

It has received an average review of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. It has been marked down by people due to the o-rings breaking, however there is no other espresso machine manufacturer that has more official dealers and repairers in the US than does DeLonghi. You can also order the o-rings easily on Amazon. It has also been marked down due to people complaining that the drinks aren’t always hot. If you’re having simply espresso then remember to use the cup warmer, or otherwise pour boiling water into your cup. I would also say the same about making a latte. If the latte temperature still bothers you then you should stop using milk straight from the fridge, perhaps you could heat it up in the microwave prior to putting it in the milk container.

Here are a few positive comments from other reviewers:

- Amazing tasting coffee; freshly ground at the touch of a button. Several people have told me that it tastes better than Starbucks coffee.

- I am very happy with this machine. Very easily it produces very good cappuccinos or espresso style coffees. The milk container is handy and there is a clever mechanism to clean the frothing spout without having to empty and wash the milk container, allowing me to return the container back to the refrigerator for the next use.

- It’s so EASY. You don’t have to do anything other than put your cup under the spout & hit buttons. You don’t even have to hold the milk container when frothing!

- This is really a great machine. It makes the best coffee I have ever tasted. It is completely automatic so you have nothing to do but fill it and empty it.

- Although I was initially hesitant about the price of the machine, I decided to try it. The result is exactly what I was looking for… restaurant-quality espresso & cappuccino at the push of a button!

Where can you buy the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 Espresso Machine?

There are many places you can buy it from online, however here is the cheapest place i’ve found it to be. Don’t forget you can also get free delivery as well and the customer service is arguably the best anywhere. I hope you enjoy your espressos!

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